Tech Jean Pro.

Nov 4th

  • ​37.5 Technology ​(Sustainable Thermoregulation)
  • Maximised Performance & Comfort
  • Better Stretch
  • Improved Longevity

3 Benefits of the 37.5 Technology.


The 37.5 technology helps keep your body at the optimum core temperature of 37.5°C.

Active Particles

It comes from active particles from volcanic minerals that can absorb and desorb water.

Locked In

The 37.5 technology is embedded into the life of the product. It won't wash away.


Rene Redzepi.

Voted World's Best Chef. Twice.

This happened. We did the very first OG Tech Jean and it got left in the industrial washing machine for too long, and it went fluffy on the inside. So, we could not sell them. 

So, I thought who could I send a pair to who we would be proud to make a jean for. So I was a big fan of Rene, and so I guessed his size and sent him a pair.   
Two years later, Nadine, his wife contacted us trying to buy a pair of Tech Jeans because her husband had been living in them, and they had come to the end of the road. So we made a special, and sent them over.

I emailed Rene to ask if we could say he wore our Tech Jean, and he said Yeah.

You Give. They Give.

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